Car wraps, boat wraps and caravan decals

Discover the easy way to turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement for your business.

best-mates-dog-groomingCar wraps, either full or partial, are all the rage these days and they definitely do make an eye catching ad for your business that will bring more business through your door.

You can choose between a full wrap or just a partial wrap for your car, ute, van or truck and the look will only be limited by your imagination.

Car wraps done right leave a lasting impression on everyone that sees them and potential customers will often remember the visual impact when they are looking for the services you provide.

Boat wraps

Wavelength Boat DecalWe can’t make your boat go faster but we can make it more attractive with a full or partial boat wrap.

If your boat is part of your business think of the impact on potential customers that your boat will have when they see it decorated in a wrap that blends in with your business.

caravan decalCaravan decals

Your caravan is often seen as an extension of you so why not really show people by adding bright and colourful decals to your van?

We can even remove and replace decals that have become worn or faded so your van can look as good as new.

We deliver a top quality finish because we use top quality products.

You need quality materials to survive in our environment

The Australian environment is tough on anything that spends most of its time outdoors no matter what time of year it is. There’s the blazing sun, the bitter cold and even salt water if you’re near the coast.

Inferior material and inks will always fade much quicker in the Australian outdoors and that’s why we always use the best quality material and inks. While we can’t prevent the fading process we can slow it down by using top quality material and our wraps … even boat wraps … will last for years.

Call on 0439 187 697 and lets talk about how affordable wrapping your vehicle or boat can be.

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